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Street Legal

What does street legal mean? According to the Department of Motor Vehicle, a cart that’s street legal is in fact a low speed vehicle. The DMV states, “A low speed vehicle (LSV) is a vehicle with a top speed greater than 20 MPH, but not greater than 25 MPH. LSVs must be registered, titled and insured with personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL) insurance. Any person operating an LSV must have a valid driver license. LSVs may only be operated on streets where the posted speed limit is 35 MPH or less.” ( That also means you must have specific parts on your cart. This includes approved DOT Windshield, DOT Tires, side mirrors, head lights, taillights, brake and brake lights, turn signals, 4-way flashers, reflectors, horn, Slow moving sign, windshield wiper, and seat belts for all passengers. There’s also the paperwork, receipts for all the street legal parts, bill of sale, photographs and certified weight slip that must be completed.

If you want to make your own cart street legal, we will:

– Inspect your cart for all DOT approved/required items

– Recommend and/or Install DOT approved/required items

 – Transport cart to the nearest weigh station for required official cart weight

– Take and print photos of cart required for paperwork

– Transport cart to the Orange City, FL DMV for inspection, tag, and title